When people ask me to send in my “best work,” I always include this song. It was originally inspired by a friend of mine who once very casually said “I don’t know…I’m not a very interesting person.” As soon as she said that, two thoughts went through my head…the first being, “What a terrible thing to say about yourself”…the second being, “What a great idea for a song.” I held onto the idea for a few years until I started writing Awkward: A Song Cycle. While it ended up being one of the easiest songs in the cycle to write, I’m still not quite sure why. I guess since there’s an introvert in all of us, I just tried to tap into that part of myself.

There are currently three performances of this song that you can watch…one with Rachel Ohnsman, one with Molly Gorman, and one with yours truly.

Nothing That I Do Would Interest You

Don’t invite me to the party or the mixer at ten.
Fraternities are not my kind of thing.
I don’t care about the booze or hooking up with a boy.
I’m not the kind of girl who wants a fling.
I just want a cup of coffee and a book to read,
No wait scratch the coffee, make it tea! That’s all I need.
So as you go off clubbing, I shall bid you all adieu,
‘Cause nothing that I do would int’rest you.

Please don’t ask me to the rally or the volleyball game.
Tomorrow you can tell me if we won.
I don’t care if there’s a barbecue right after the match.
Don’t you know there’s schoolwork to be done?
Please just give me peace and quiet so that I can write
This macroeconomics paper that’s due Friday night.
Don’t say that it can wait because you know that isn’t true.
Plus nothing that I do would int’rest you.

And hey,
Who needs boyfriend anyway
With Colonel Brandon by my side
And Mister Darcy in his prime?
Just know
I’m sure you’d make a lovely beau.
And maybe we could still be friends
Provided I still have the time?

Please don’t try to coax me further, ‘cause I’ve made up my mind.
Let’s say that we’ll agree to disagree.
Oh, and please don’t be offended by the things that I say.
The problem isn’t you, it’s simply me.
With all the things I have to do, I must prioritize.
If I’m acting like a snob then I apologize.
There are lots of lovely girls out here that you could still pursue,
‘Cause nothing that I do would int’rest you.
I really mean it,
Nothing that I do would int’rest you.
I’m being honest,
Nothing that I do would int’rest you.
I’m really boring.
Nothing that I do would int’rest you.